Brides have started to get more creative and outgoing with wedding rings over the years. It’s no longer a simple golden band with a single stone sitting pretty.

Engraved tooling, brands, and even color have started to become more popular, and I’m loving this trend. Take a look at some of these gorgeous inspirations!

Preston Johnson of B Bar J Custom Designs out of Weatherford, Texas, is one of the best in the business when it comes to custom rings and just about anything else you could want!

Okay waterworks alert here! I couldn’t help but include two of Preston’s creations because they’re all so gorgeous and he has such a wide range of capabilities and designs. As gorgeous as his work is though, I can’t help but always focus on the story behind it.

Preston told me, “People were hounding me for wedding rings for years and I wouldn’t ever build one because they looked so hard. And then a little blonde came along and I fell in love. So I put rings off until the time was right and finally built her engagement ring. She had no clue about any of it and I was able to get the diamond from her grandmother’s ring, so that was special too. I always treasure that the first ring I ever built was my wife’s engagement ring.”

I’m convinced that Danielle of The Wandering Rose and Western Velour Beauty Co. can do no wrong! She just recently added this turquoise band to her set a little while back.

She got this vintage piece of flair for an absolute steal…from eBay of all places! She’s as crafty as they come, that’s for sure. Click here to see the rest of the inspirations from her big day!

My sweet sister actually has this ring set from Cowboy Jewelers and it is just as gorgeous in person as it is in the photo! I had known she wanted this ring for YEARS and then the day finally came when my now brother-in-law needed assistance to track it down and order it. He did good!

This ginormous beauty from Hy O Silver has become a favorite for brides that want all the glitz and glam on their wedding ring finger.

Want a slightly smaller version? This one is also by Hy O Silver and has been scaled down a little.

Okay y’all, in all seriousness, if this set isn’t on my finger one day then I will have to find some new friends! So dear Mr. Right, please call them up! I found this emerald cut set on Pinterest via Society Bride and LOVE it!