RIDE TV premiered its highly anticipated Cowgirls series on September 27 with an in-depth look into the world of competitive ranch bronc riding in Texas. COWGIRL Magazine is one of the show’s newest sponsors.  Throughout the series, six women compete in ranch bronc riding, a rodeo sport that involves holding on for eight seconds on top of a 1,200-pound bucking horse. 

What has been traditionally a man’s sport, ranch bronc riding has recently gained traction with cowgirls across the country.  This past fall, RIDE TV partnered with the Texas Bronc Riding Association (TBRA) to host the TBRA finals in Glen Rose, Texas, on September 30.

RIDE TV GO, RIDE TV’s online streaming service, premiered every Cowgirls episode the week prior to it airing on RIDE TV, giving RIDE TV GO subscribers a chance to see it first.  RIDE TV launched the service earlier this year to allow viewers to take their favorite equestrian shows and news with them, along with a growing on-demand library. 

In addition to the new Cowgirls series, RIDE TV programming includes This Old Horse, a documentary showcasing famous horses in history, Rock Star Vets, a reality show with a famous equine surgeon, Southern Fried Skinnyfied, the channel’s first cooking show, and Horses that Heal, which focuses on amazing stories of the important role horses play in helping humans heal, function, and rehabilitate from trauma, disease, and other injuries or disorders. 

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