First Look September 2016
Laura Noelle


Laura Noelle is a small, handmade label stemming from the desire to create a timeless product of enduring style. Created on a whim to transform an old hat into something new, a passion quickly took over and Laura Noelle was born. Laura was raised in Malibu and Santa Ynez, CA, and her hats reflect her “surf & saddle” lifestyle. She studied under one of the best hat makers in the enthusiast hat world, Ritch Rand of Rand Hats in Billings, Montana. The hats are made of the finest natural materials providing a lifetime of wear and comfort. “I am so proud of this line. I have poured my heart and soul into creating something that I hope people can pass down to their kids as a vintage classic,” said Laura Reynolds, the creator of Laura Noelle. “I learned to love timeless apparel pieces from both my grandmothers, who had the epitome of class and style. Everything I create is in dedication to them.”