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Photo courtesy of CR Ranchwear.

When it comes to durability, comfort, and quality, CR Ranchwear is the leader in horse show apparel, “We use the best 100% cotton on earth. Generally either Italian cotton from Canclini in Milan, or other top quality fabrics from Europe. These cottons are chosen for their feel or “hand,” as well as their durability and color retention. Further, we use genuine Swarovski crystal accents and even our labels and fusing are the best available.”

The company not only uses the best materials, but they also carefully inspect all of their merchandise, “CR shirts are handmade in Dallas, TX by real people making a fair wage. We are fanatical about quality control and have a very rigorous inspection process. We sew on our buttons twice and use a very dense (and very straight) stitch count so that the shirts last a long time and the buttons stay on. Further- we protect our shirts throughout the process so they are perfect for our customers when they receive them.”

Without further delay, check out 7 of our favorite CR Ranchwear shirts.

CR Classic Blue and Navy Floral Italian Cotton, $189;

CR Tradition Navy Cotton Sateen with Red Paisley, $169;

Women’s CR Tradition Blue Houndstooth with White Contrast, $179;

CR Tradition Blue Metallic Paisley Western Shirt, $169;

CR Special Edition Red Flower Eyes Sparkle Denim, $199;

CR Tradition Blue and White Bengal Stripe Italian Cotton, $189;

CR Classic Teal Cotton Sateen, $169;