Sometimes, your child’s pony needs a break! That’s when it’s time to pull out the arts and crafts. Poor Daisy or Buster can’t be ridden all the time, but your horse-crazy child can still do something they love. With these fun crafts, they can get their creative juices flowing and learn valuable skills. They’re simple and easy!

Noodle horses! These are a ton of fun to ride around on.

With just a few supplies, you child can have their very own noodle horse. PBS Kids offers an easy-to-follow tutorial.

What’s childhood without a stick horse?

I have a lot of good memories riding around on my stick horse. This one can be made with a sock and some decorative items. Light Blue Gray has an excellent tutorial that’s simple.

This paper horse is fun for older kids too!

Who would of thought something so beautiful could be made from some basic cardboard! Find the directions at Ann Wood Handmade!

This project deserves to be hung on the fridge.

Your little one will love playing in paint with this horse craft! Princesses, Pies, & Preschool Pizzazz has a whole series of western-inspired artwork for toddlers.

Let the arts and crafts begin! Your horse-crazy child will have a blast.

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