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Over the past several weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed spotlighting women in the western world to recognize their skills and strengths. It’s been very challenging to narrow down my lists to only a few women and that was definitely the case this week. I am excited to debut some of the amazing mothers that I’ve gotten to know via social media. These women not only embody what it is to be a COWGIRL and RancHer, but also somehow manage to make motherhood look like a walk in the park. As I said before, I know several amazing moms and wish I could include every one of them; but here’s just a few that have been pulling on my heart strings a little extra these days. 


#1 Thea of @thea.does.the.things


I seriously don’t even know where to begin. Her photos, her style, her family; it’s everything that any ranch woman wants to be. Sometimes I can’t think of ideas for photos and I feel inspired just scrolling through Thea’s feed. Not only is her life beautiful, but also her heart. Honestly, do yourself a favor and go follow her (if you aren’t already!) because she just has the greatest outlook on things. Thank you, Thea, for your bright spirit and endlessly inspiring feed! 



#2 Natalie & Jatanna of @ranchwivesbeefco

I have been following along with Natalie and Jatanna’s ranching journeys since listening to their interview on @theranchingbrunettepodcast. I was taken back by their determination to make a long-distance business relationship work. It’s such a unique and compelling way to share something you’re passionate about with someone that you’re close to; despite living in different states! Both of these women share their day-to-day ranch adventures with their children and make it look like a breeze. I can’t imagine trying to wrangle children and cattle, but somehow they both do it and do it well. 

If you’d like to follow along with their individual journeys, check out @nataliekovarik and @jatannarae over on Instagram. 

#3 Taylor of @taymkarl


Gosh, once again I’m feeling speechless. I have felt more kindness from Taylor than expected or deserved. Remember that time that we had basically just met and you told me to come to Canada and even gave me restaurant recommendations? Yeah people, that’s how kind this girl is. It’s unbelievable that someone can have a gorgeous family, go to skijoring competitions on the regular and have the biggest heart. Thanks for being you and for making me proud to be me.

Seriously, are these family pictures even real? I can’t get over this family!

#4 Meghan of @meghanlynngates


While Meghan just recently started her journey into motherhood, she is already killing it. Really, just look at that cover photo! I have been following Meghan ever since I saw her featured in a shoot with @the_coyote_cowgirl. Her personal style has evolved over the years and I’ve honestly loved every part of it. Even now with a baby that’s only months old, she manages to keep up with all the latest styles. She is the ultimate ranch wife and makes me a thousand times more excited to begin my own journey as a chicken keeper. Thank you, Meghan, for your genuine smile, your adorable daughter, and for being willing to share it with the COWGIRL community.


Well if that article doesn’t give you baby fever, I’m not sure what will! To see more from each of these women, follow:







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