I have always considered myself a creative person and have thoroughly enjoyed DIY projects since I was very young. That was honestly a big motivator for me in starting this column; so that I could share my passion for making the most of what you have, taking old things and making them beautiful, and also saving a little dough along the way! 

Recently I’ve been super inspired by other crafty women in the western world. So I wanted to comprise a list of four gals in particular that are going above and beyond in their craft. Each of these women is not only talented, but also so passionate and driven that it’s just darn near impossible to not want to follow along in their journeys. 

#1 Stephanie of Gilliland H&C Wild Rags

If you’re ready to update your collection of wild rags, then Stephanie has got you covered! She has a wide variety of patterns to suit each and every style type. Heck, she even has a beautiful cactus covered rag! She is more than sweet to chat with and above all, she gets it. She understands western fashion, as well as the diverse group of men and women that are a part of it. Do yourself a favor and check out her work ASAP. 

You can find Stephanie and her vast selection of wild rags on Instagram @gillilandhc or at gillilandhcwildrags.com.

#2 Maysen of Flying Spade Co. 

Where do I even begin?? I’ve known this gal for maybe three weeks (via Instagram) and already feel like we’ve been best friends for years. Not only is she completely hilarious and wise beyond her years, but she has a great deal of talent. Maysen works with local leather hides to create earrings that are not only gorgeous, but can correlate well with basically any outfit. She is the epitome of “shopping small” and supporting local businesses. While Maysen is an incredible artisan herself, she has unending support for other small businesses such as @southernglorygoods and @bluegrass_engraving, just to name a couple. She even has her merchandise being sold in other western boutiques around the country. Just look at these beauties!


For a good laugh and a heck of a pair of earrings, follow along at @flyingspadeco on Instagram and cutterlaneleather.com.

#3 Haley of HR Designs

Honestly her artwork makes me totally speechless. Like it’s almost hard to even know what to write because I just “can’t even” with this gal. She is truly amazing. I actually own several of her designs that she’s done for @the_coyote_cowgirl and had no idea that they were hers until recently. Haley came up as a suggested user on my Instagram and after seeing her feed, and scrolling back well over a year (LOL), I was hooked! That’s where I noticed some of her shirt designs that were in my very own closet! Seriously, you won’t believe it until you’ve seen it for yourself.


#4 Kailey of Magpie West Leather Co.

Can you think of anything that’s more western than tooled leather?? Maybe turquoise, jean jackets, or cowgals, but wait!! Kailey has all of those things incorporated into her gorgeous custom work. If you can think up something that you want tooled onto leather, I can guarantee that she will bring it to life. Kailey has had her work all over the country, including the recent “Art of the Cowgirl” event in Arizona. She really does take the term “handmade” to the next level. 

Each of these women are in good company within the COWGIRL community. They are among many other makers and artisans that are representing the western world well. So shop small, support local, and follow these four crafty cowgirls!