Since writing the “Craftiest Cowgirls” article a few days ago, which highlighted several artisans and their talents, I have felt compelled to recognize other ladies in the western world and their many strengths. Today I would like to make note of a few women that are extremely gifted in the area of home decor. I myself am very interested in decorating and love to make spaces feel like my own. But these COWGIRLS take their home decor to the next level. Need some ranchy inspiration?? I have comprised a list of four different women that will make any person want to head to the store and start redecorating. Each of these women have beautiful homes and have spread their skills throughout several rooms. I, however, have chosen my favorite room in each of their houses, therefore giving COWGIRL’s readers a little sneak peak of each of their styles.


#1 Chelsey of @chelseyswesternvibes 

Chelsey has great tastes in several aspects. Not only is her home beautiful, but so is her family and her Instagram page. She has one of those accounts that I could just sit and scroll through, while getting totally inspired. It feels like every part of her life is thought out. Each room has all the intricate details to make it unique, but keep the flow. Every outfit is perfectly coordinated and fitting to whatever occasion she might be heading into. Heck, even her horses look great with their surroundings! She has stirred up motivation in me to finish decorating our ranch home and I look forward to following along on her account. 

You can follow along with Chelsey as well @chelseyswesternvibes  on Instagram!


#2 Dallas of @dallasjodawn

Dallas might be the sweetest person I have ever encountered. She is always commenting on my photos and giving me compliments, which is so totally unnecessary, but unbelievably kind. She has a bright spirit and a beautiful eye for design. I love that she stays true to her own style. If you check out her feed, you’ll quickly notice that she is a cactus lover and that definitely resonates in her home decor. Everything she does is so tastefully done and looks like it was always meant to be that way. I mean really, who can make a bathroom look this nice? 

Make sure to check out @dallasjodawn for not only some gorgeous home decor, but some of the prettiest wedding photos you could ever imagine!


#3 Kenzie of @the.farmgirl


Okay so let’s just be real for a minute; Kenzie is goals. Not only is her house adorable, but she has THE BEST style, owns and operates one of my favorite boutiques (@farmgirlada), and she still has time to be a great mama. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it. Farm Girl Boutique is the epitome of COWGIRL style and they even sell home decor. No wonder her house looks so good! Kenzie, if I could be anything, I’d want to be as cool as you. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s truly amazing. 

Follow Kenzie @the.farmgirl and be sure to stop by @farmgirlada while you’re at it!


#4 Suzie of @velvetbrumby


Where do I even begin?? It’s hard to not sound like a broken record because each of these women is literally so iconic in my eyes. Honestly, I can’t even believe I’m writing about you in my article, Suzie. I have been following @velvetbrumby for a long time, not only for fashion inspo, but also for photoshoot ideas! It wasn’t until recently that I noticed how incredible your home is! You have the best taste in home decor, which I should have known from following along your journey in fashion and western style. Also, can we just talk about sweet baby Wren for a minute!? How do you manage to keep your table decorations so fresh with such a cute distraction around all the time?


Pretty sure every COWGIRL reader is already following along, but just in case – @velvetbrumby

As mentioned earlier, these women have talent beyond belief in many areas besides home decor. However, each of their homes is so completely unique, while still embodying the western lifestyle. I am not exaggerating when I say that these women will inspire you. I know that they’ve definitely given me ideas for my home. For a little sneak peak of my decorating style, be sure to check out my latest article and keep following along with the Crafty COWGIRL for more Instagram highlights in the future.