homemade soap
Courtesy of Flower Lady Farm. Photo by Clary Sage Photography. ……

All of the craziness in the news has people scurrying for things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and ammunition. Rather than focusing on the world coming to an end, folks are being encouraged to practice social distancing and emphasize personal hygiene practices. While many have turned to Lysol, washing your hands regularly is a much safer alternative; so why not do so in style? These three businesses not only carry some of the prettiest soaps around, but they also use only natural ingredients. Whether you’re stocking up on self-care items or preparing for a month of working from home, these shops have got your back! Support the local economy and shop small!

#1 Robin, The Flower Lady

Not only does she love horses and grow beautiful flowers, but she also makes amazing skincare products and the prettiest bars of soap! It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Robin, who has actually helped me on my own journey with seed starting and homemade skincare. She is always willing to lend advice and is a wealth of knowledge. I honestly can’t get enough of her horsey posts and beautiful product packaging! Thanks for being you, Robin.

Seriously… those flowers, @flowerladyfarm.

#2 Eola Crest Cattle & the 71X Farmstore

While I just recently came across Eola Crest Cattle and the 71X Farmstore, I have been wishing I lived in Oregon ever since! This adorable shop sells various cuts of beef, eggs of all kinds, and skincare products. They try to use every part of the animals they process, which is something I truly admire. From their gift boxes to their decor, this cozy shop is the epitome of a perfect small business. They are truly a one stop shop! If you live in Oregon or anywhere nearby; go there. If you don’t, take a roadtrip and go there. You won’t be sorry.

I can’t even with this shop, @eolacrestcattle.

#3 Angela of Axe & Root Homestead

Clydesdales, ducks, geese, bees, syrup and soap?! Seriously Angela, how do you do it all? And do it with such grace?? This is no exaggeration, my friends; this woman is the definition of multi-tasking. Her photos are incredible. Her animals are adorable. And somehow, she still has a super cute, clean home. I honestly feel like I’m fangirling pretty hard at this point, but it’s so hard not to. I don’t even have words to explain my admiration for Axe & Root Homestead to you all, but luckily her Instagram will easily do that for me. 

Clydesdales people, @axeandroothomestead

Even if you aren’t buying into this personal hygiene tip, you should check out these wonderful businesses. Not only are you supporting the local economy, but also an individual that has worked hard to sustain a living on their own. Do yourself a favor and follow these accounts. Your hands, your health, and your heart will thank me.