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From the heart of Mississippi, Hillary Reese is a triple threat, singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, with a sound all her own that connects across generations of fans and genres. At just 16 years old, Hillary’s vocals and lyrics offer a balance between the charm of a southern belle and the ferocity of a steel magnolia. Her new toe-tapping track, “All The Good Ones Are Crazy,” emphasizes her desire to entertain audiences through music that is relatable, liberating and modern yet steeped in tradition.

Her passion for music grew from a young age. “I kind of fell into music. I always loved singing, I just had no idea that there was this entire career that you could follow. When I was 10 years old, I put out cover videos on Facebook, and they got some attention. So then, people from Nashville wanted me there, so I went. The rest is history.”

“All The Good Ones are Crazy” is about her family. “I wanted a song that represented my roots and upbringing, and this song is exactly it,” she says. “I want people to realize that even if you come from a crazy hillbilly family, you can still appreciate how you were raised and embrace it. Be proud of the people who love you and support you, and just because your family may be different, that does not mean that you have less value.” 

Her favorite memory throughout the recording process was when they played the work tape for the band for the first time, and the band all looked at each other and died laughing. It’s a true testament that everyone can relate to this song, even if that is in different ways!

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Still being a young performer, Hillary hopes to continue growing as an artist and person. “I’m only 16, so making music during a time when everything is changing and you’re figuring yourself out is a cool experience. I want to tour more, and I want to push this career as far as it will go because it truly is my passion.”

If you love true authentic country lyrics and music with a twist, and you’re not afraid to be yourself and embrace it, then you’ll love Hillary’s sound! We look forward to following her journey. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!