Creating brows that compliment a face perfectly can be tricky- especially with endless techniques and ever-changing trends. Don’t sweat it, we’ve found some of the most popular tools to create perfect brows for every look, every time.

Air Brow Fluff & Hold Treatment Gel


$24.00 on Amazon

Add the perfect level of definition with this high-quality holding gel. Available in pigmented and clear formulas, this gel is sure to your brows look full and natural all day and night.

Thick-It Stick It Thickening Brow Mascara


$9.97 on Amazon

Reach all your brow goals with the touch of this wand. Perfect for adding volume, definition, and color- while keeping them in place to create that perfect shape.

Soap Kit Wax


$9.99 on Amazon

Natural, styled soap brows have never been more in style and this gel is the secret to it! This wax goes on smoothly and is sure to provide your look with the best hold all day and night!

Ultra Slim Defining Pencil


$7.98 on Amazon

Fill in the gaps with this ultra-slim pencil! Perfect for creating that perfect shape, while also looking natural. No one will even know you drew em’!

Microfilling Pen

Benefit Brow

$20.08 on Amazon

Provide serious coverage without the bulky lines and messy powder. This micro-filling pen works to fill in all the right places and create clean effortless lines. A must-have for all your filling needs!