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Sale videos are an important piece to selling a horse. It draws the attention of buyers and is a great way for buyers to become interested in a horse. Buyers can also have a better feel for their interest in a horse from sale videos. The goal of sale videos is to market the abilities and talents of a horse. It helps both sellers and buyers! 

Now that we know the importance, here are some tips on making a great sale video! 

Groom your horse

Have your horse show-ready for the video! It starts your horse off on their best foot forward and adds a professional quality to the video. 

Have a plan before videoing

Before you start videoing, create some patterns in your head or maneuvers you want to showcase. This helps the actual videoing portion to go as smoothly as possible. 

Highlight their good parts 

If your horse has a great extended trot, use some time in the video to show off that extension! The same goes for stops and spins. You want to be honest in your video, but you also want to make your horse look the very best they can! 

Enlist a friend to help

Another person can track you and your horse around the arena for a better video!

Film horizontally 

Just like with recording runs, film horizontally to ensure none of the action is missed in the shot! Also, keep the action in the middle of the frame for easier viewing! 

Not too long or too short

Buyers will lose interest if a video is too long, but too short of a video won’t show enough of the horse. Find a happy medium to highlight your horse. The majority of videos are two to ten minutes long. 

Good quality

Use high-quality videos and upload them when you have plenty of data to ensure video buyers can see small details. You wouldn’t want a buyer to miss a highlight point because of video quality! 

Make it shareable 

For longer videos, it is recommended to share on YouTube, then share the link with those interested. There are other sharing options, including Facebook, Google Drive, and more!