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It’s a thought you never want to have- what if you have to evacuate your horses? Natural disasters can strike at any moment and it’s best to be prepared. In anticipation of a natural disaster, every barn should have an evacuation plan. 

Count halters

Confirm your barn has enough halters and lead ropes for each horse. This ensures the ability to quickly grab each horse if needed. 

Plan trailer space

Create a plan for if and how you are going to haul out horses. Consider all your options for moving horses off the property. 

Plan locations

Once you’ve secured a hauling plan, find locations in each direction where you can take your horses. 

Create an evacuation bag

Add your veterinary kit, extra halters, maps, and your horses’ paperwork (Coggins, registration papers, etc.). 

Tie dog tags into manes

Have dog tags with your name and number made up to tie into your horse’s manes. On the off chance your horses get away from you, someone will be able to contact you. 

Create a backup plan

Evacuations are chaotic and fast. Things won’t go according to plan; have backup plans planned. It’s better to be overprepared than under.