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Be prepared to be amazed! These talented professionals took equine body clipping to the next level. They turned their horses into a canvas! Unique shapes and designs were shaved into the horse’s winter hair. The end result is breathtaking.

Many equestrians body clip their horses when they’re in work during the winter. A short coat allow them to cool off faster and be more comfortable while riding. These artists had some fun with it!

Check out this awesome beehive on this horse’s hindquarters. This intricate design must have taken quite a bit of time!

How charming are these fox and fall leaves! This Haflinger looks adorable with his new cut.

Follow @thehorsebarber for some amazing clip jobs! She’s incredibly talented. This horse has a medieval flair to him!

It’s feeling a little bit like spring with these butterflies and bees.

Any Disney fans? This Mickey Mouse design is so cute!

What a talented group! Body clipping isn’t easy and these pros really stepped it up.