Reaching the halfway mark of NFL season, your usual Sunday football appetizers may be getting stale and packing on the pounds. Whip up something new, delicious and healthy for your taste buds (and your football-loving-man) that will have everyone cheering—and not just because your team scored a touchdown! Try these easy appetizers that won’t tip the scale or have you running marathons post football season.

Skinny Taco Dip 

Photo and recipe courtesy of Damn Delicious

That’s right—taco dip that’s equally delicious as the calorie-laden stuff, but without all the cals! Just pair with some fresh veggies or whole grain tortilla chips to satisfy everyone’s fiesta craving. 

BLT Wraps

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Girl

These wraps are the perfect snack to go around when you have a big group of football lovers get together. They’re easy to make and much healthier than the classic version.

Loaded Sweet Potato Rounds

Photo and recipe courtesy of A Couple Cooks

Love the classic potato skin with globs of cheese and sour cream but hate the consequences? Why suffer when you can have something that looks, smells and, pretty much, tastes like the original! 

Siracha Popcorn

Photo and recipe courtesy of Taste, Love & Nourish

Try this easy-to-make popcorn that’s tasty and super healthy thanks to the popping method used. Bound to be a fan favorite.

Easy Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings

Photo and recipe courtesy of Closet Cooking

No need to deep fry this classic football appetizer when you can bake them for a crispy texture and then mix up with some healthy buffalo sauce!

Fruit Kabobs

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mom Endeavors

Make these fruit kabobs in a matter of mere minutes. They’re a sweet and uber healthy treat the family will love. Add some greek yogurt as a dipping sauce for a twist!