Due to the changing of the season, the brisk air may be making your taste buds crave some different flavors. Introduce them to these five delectable recipes featuring ginger for a fresh change. Not to mention, the health benefits of ginger are endless! Ginger has been known to work as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as soothing the stomach when it’s upset. Studies have also shown that ginger has treated common migraine symptoms. Now, find out how you can include it into your diet.


“Take Out” Sesame Ginger Chicken

Photo and Recipe courtesy of A Dash Of Sanity

Introduce your family to a whole new level of “take out.” This sesame ginger chicken recipe is bursting with flavor and it’s even better than ordering take out from your local Chinese restaurant!

Ginger Lemonade

Photo and Recipe courtesy of love & olive oil

This crisp, fresh drink is perfect for those fall days when it’s not yet cold, but not hot. Drink it after a long day of work for a refreshing feel.

Carrot Ginger Soup

Photo and Recipe courtesy of A House in the Hills

Not only is this soup recipe satisfying in the fall months, it’s even better in the winter as the ginger and carrot keep your belly full and warm.

Cardamom Moscow Mule Cocktail

Photo and Recipe courtesy of Honestly Yum

In this Moscow Mule recipe, instead of ginger beer being used, homemade cardamom ginger ale is used making this cocktail fall on the healthier side of the scale. The ginger flavor accents the vodka and soda freshly giving it a delightful zest. 

Ginger Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad With Mint, Chili and Lime

Photo and Recipe courtesy of My Darling Lemon Thyme

As you can tell, this is no ordinary salad. It’s packed with all sorts of delicious flavors and pairings. This is a great way to turn your ordinary salads into flavorful, protein and veggie-packed meals.