Fly protection = happy horse!……

The Cashel Company keeps your horse looking and feeling their best this summer with the Crusader fly mask! This mask is continuously top ranked by experts in the industry. And to keep things interesting, Cashel released new patterns and colors this year. Take a look!

The new colors and patterns are stunning! They include leopard, palm and mint. You can pick from cob, horse and warmblood size.

Patterned Crusader Fly Mask- Standard with Ears, $29.99, SmartPak

Bring out the animal print with this leopard one!
Dream of vacationing with the cool colors of this palms mask.
This mint one will look good on any horse- light or dark.

Why pick a Crusader fly mask?

  • They’re constructed of soft durable materials with fully lined seams.
  • Each has a 3 hole cap for their ears and forelock.
  • Practical eye darts keep the mesh away from your horse’s eyes.
  • Keep your horse safe with UV protection.

This summer is starting to look a whole lot better for your horse. Keep the flies off of them!

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