Cowgirl - Cinches

Cowgirl - Cinches

Cowgirls like to deck their horses out in the finest tack! That’s why these custom cinches were designed to impress. Each unique one is handwoven with mohair. The endless designs and colors will ensure you find exactly what you were hoping for. Perfect for the barn, show grounds, or even home décor.

The red, black, and white cinch above was made by Rogue Cinch Co. They produce custom horse tack for riders and collectors. Their cinches are just as stunning as they are functional!

Badger Creek Mohair Cinches are another producer of quality custom mohair products. The cinch above has a gorgeous tan color that matches the saddle perfectly. The ice blue really tops it off. Find the perfect one for your saddle color and preferences!

More unique designs from Badger Creek Mohair Cinches. They are hand dyed and woven.

The impressive use of colors in the cinch above really makes it stand out! Broomtail Design creates custom cinches and other interesting products, such as breast collars, reins, and gifts.

Treat yourself to a custom cinch and you won’t be disappointed. The fun colors and wide variety of designs are sure to please everyone. Your horse will be a showstopper.