I LOVE having the opportunity to find new and fun things to share with y’all! It’s shopping on steroids, and doesn’t even feel like work to me! I will say though, every once in awhile I run across something with a special story behind it, and it just hits me right in the feels.Thank you to my dear friend Hannah Leigh, of Livin’ in Grace and Style, for pointing me in the direction of this inspiring duo!

My new friend Stephanie, and her other half Justin of Long X Trading Co., couldn’t be more amazing if they tried. Oh wait….Stephanie was a soldier! Yep! For 11 years this little bundle of fringe-loving feistiness served in the military!

Their story is what hard work and dreams are made of. Stephanie tells it best, so here you go! (And then we’ll get to the goods, I promise!)

“What is the Long X? Well, the Long X Bridge is in Grassy Butte, ND. Our logo, Bodee the Buffalo, comes from our love of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is located to the Northwest of the bridge.

“We didn’t pick the name or the logo because of how absolutely breathtaking the view of the buffalo can be when the sun is setting and the bridge is in the background. It was because it was the halfway point between the two towns that Justin and I were living in when we started dating. We crossed that bridge A LOT. The summer after we started dating, we would go to the Carson Ranch in Grassy Butte. Blue, our heading horse, came from the Carson Ranch… so this is seriously where we started building from the ground up.

“When we jumped in, it was all on prayer…we didn’t have investors or an overflowing savings account. We had each other and a dream.  It really all started with customizing a pair of Sperry’s for a friend to give his girlfriend for Christmas. We posted the picture on our Facebook page and people liked it… a lot of people. I had no choice but to become a self-taught social media genius and web developer.

“I am now proud to say Long X Trading Co. is busier than it has ever been, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If we aren’t in the shop working we are roping. We are proud sponsors of the 2017 Pendleton Round-Up Breakaway Roping, and have decided to stay in the area until after Round-up. From there, we are heading to the Team Roping Capital of the World, Wickenburg, Arizona. It is in this town that you will be able to walk into our store, meet us, and if you have time…watch the magic happen.”

How amazing is that! Stephanie embodies everything a cowgirl is to me. She works harder than she probably should, perseveres, lives her dream, and keeps her eyes on the prize! Now, how about a look at the prize that got them so big?

Photo courtesy of Amazing Grace Photos – Hannah Leigh

Remember how I always say red is my color? Well hello there, darling! These are absolutely gorgeous!

Photo courtesy of Amazing Grace Photos – Hannah Leigh

Turquoise always has my heart!

Don’t forget to get a pair for the man in your life!

You can’t leave your little one out! How cute are these?