desert canary designs custom couch

Desert Canary Design is well-know for their custom creations. This monster of a custom couch is by far her biggest project yet!

“I have been working on this big fella for a hot minute. This couch is by far the biggest {most heavy, most awkward} piece I’ve faced.. and it was pretty intimidating, not gonna lie. I avoided making eye contact with the frame for a solid month as I tried to ignore it and hope that one morning I just walk into my shop and it would magically be done. Well, ladies and gentleman, that morning is tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. No more shall I lose sleep over you, you heavy, awkward, time consuming little thing you. (And check out that BEFORE pic!)

“Big huge thanks to all my upholstery pals for answering all my how-to’s and what-do-you-thinks. Y’all are appreciated more than you will ever know.” -Desert Canary Designs

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