The cost of things continues to rise in all areas. It’s becoming harder for riders to afford their horse’s care. It doesn’t matter if you board or keep them at home everything is going up. Luckily, you can find ways to reduce your barn expenses and hopefully make things more manageable again.

Lower Your Barn Costs

  • Round bales tend to be cheaper if you can store and move them.
  • Use a slower feeder hay net to reduce waste.
  • Buy hay early to mid season in order to get the best prices.
  • Always pick up your hay to avoid delivery fees.
  • Keep your horse on pasture to reduce your hay expense.
  • Store hay in a dry area to avoid mold.
  • Evaluate your horse’s body score condition and feed them appropriately.
  • Buy sawdust, grain, and hay in bulk to get a discount.
  • Turn out as much as possible to reduce sawdust and labor.
  • If boarding, see if field care is available instead. You can also look into partial or self care.
  • Keep your horse barefoot.
  • Try to repair items instead of replacing them.
  • Repurpose things when possible, such as using a coffee container as a grain scooper.
  • If you have your own barn, consider renting out a stall or two.
  • Rent out your arena to local riders.
  • Limit the number of shows you attend or do virtual ones.
  • Compost your horse’s manure and sell it.
  • Consider a partial lease on your horse.

These are just a handful of money-saving tips! What is your favorite way to cut costs at the barn?