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What did we do before casual shoes were a staple in western brands?! Sometimes you just don’t want to wear boots and keeping it casual over classy is okay. But, good thing some of our favorite western brands made it to where we don’t have to choose!

The Twisted X Driving Moc might have just been the very first casual shoe on the scene in the western industry! They now come in all sorts of colors, prints and styles.

The Twisted X Kicks are a cross between cute and simple and a comfortable tennis shoe.

The Ariat Cruisers have been released in countless patterns and thank goodness for that because they are all too cute!

The Ariat Ryder can almost be passed off as a dressy casual shoe!

Justin Boots is one of the oldest footwear brands in the game and even they made a line of everyday footwear that we can’t live without!

If it’s got Reba’s name on it, we want it! The Reba Casuals from Justin were definitely a game changer!