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Consuela is a fashion and lifestyle brand founded in Austin, Texas. Derived from the verb consolar; to console, comfort, to uplift…. our mission is to make each day ridiculously awesome! 

“Since our beginning in 2006, 99% of our products have been made by family-owned companies and artisans in Mexico who have a passion for sharing their talents and cultural artistry beyond their home borders. We are thrilled to support each of them, and do our best to honor their craft every day.” -Consuela Style

Neutral tones with a pop of color are perfect for just about anything!

Add fringe and tassels to just about anything these days and it’s automatically in style!

Make a statement with bold colors!

Are you a wanderer of this world? Then you need one of the travel sets!

Snakeskin has been making a lot of appearances lately!

Cactus print came and never left! It’s still just as cute as it was on day 1!

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