Here’s the deal: You don’t have a ton of money to spend on a hostess gift but you don’t want to show up empty-handed to your (free!) weekend away either, right? Flowers and/or booze are always a good idea but these three easy edible gifts

You don’t need to be Ms. Manners to know that bringing a hostess gift is simply proper etiquette — but if you are stuck in a vino-gifting rut, we’re here to help. We did a little digging to bring you 30 cool gifts that are as awesome to give as they would be to receive (molecular-gastronomy kit, anyone?). As for that wine, pop a cork and celebrate your do-gooder ways.

Sure, a bottle of vino is the safe holiday party offering, but a super-creative gift for the hostess is so much better (and more memorable!). Whether it’s one of your closest pals or someone you’re just getting to know, receiving a fab gift that’s useful and fun is always appreciated. So, we’ve gone ahead and tallied up these foolproof gifts (at all different price points) to summon the most sincere you-shouldn’t-haves, all season long (and guarantee you an invite again next year!).

If this season’s party circuit includes more grown-up gatherings than tipsy throwdowns (you know, the ones where everyone wears a Santa suit), it’s probably time to step up your hostess-gift game. Whether you’re partaking in a festive dinner at your boss’s home or meeting your true love’s fam for the first time, it’s never a bad idea to arrive with something thoughtful in hand. For those times when a bottle of wine just won’t cut it, we’ve collected some of our preferred picks for gifting our gracious hosts. Art lovers? Done. Design fiends? Yep! Foodies? Duh. Click through to see our finds — and don’t worry, we’ll let you slide if you don’t send a thank-you note.

a variety of gifts to make you the most gracious guest yet. Whether you’re headed to a significant other’s home for the holiday or braving it at your novice chef friend’s impromptu dinner, with a gift like one of these in hand, your day is sure to go better than expected.