If the world gave out awards, these donkeys would surely be the cutest! From their “smiles” to their wooly hair, there’s something special about this bunch. Here’s your chance to be the judge… Which donkey catches your eye?

And the cutest award goes to…

That smile! This fella isn’t afraid to show some teeth. Let’s not forget those big ears that complete his adorable look.

There’s something about babies that everyone loves. Check out this little one!

Got hair? This guy @donkeysanctuarysidmouth does! Percy is a beautiful wooly donkey.

Knock, knock… Who’s there? Just a cutie lookin’ for a carrot!

This donkey is just a little nosy. One of their many endearing traits is being social butterflies.

Cast your vote! Who’s the cutest? Will it be the big smiler, nosy Nelly, or wooly bear? Hmmm….