All photos by RC Photography.……

Last weekend, Cash Myers, Lari Dee Guy, and Hope Thompson, with Donene Taylor put on a breakaway roping school at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas. 65 breakaway ropers from the ages of 8-50+ traveled from different states to attend the clinic.

Cash Myers. Photo by RC Photography.
Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson. Photo by RC Photography.

The school instructors are some of the best in the rodeo business. Cash Myers is a 14x NFR qualifier, Lari Dee Guy is an 8x WPRA World Champion & TX Cowboy Hall of Fame Member (also former COWGIRL cover girl), and Hope Thompson is a 4x WPRA World Champion.

Donene Taylor and Hope Thompson. Photo by RC Photography.

Donene Taylor, mental performance coach, author of “Heart of a Champion,” and WPRA World Champion, was there to help and conduct a few mental performance coaching sessions. With her guidance, the students learned how to truly focus using their breath and body language.

Elisabeth Erickson Noe and other students taking notes. Photo by RC Photography.

In attendance was Elisabeth Erickson Noe, a fifth-generation rancher, homeschool mom of two, and successful businesswoman with Mesa Beef and Dreamer Horses. She is tackling her dream of breakaway roping in the big leagues, with the WCRA and other roping opportunities reigniting her passion.

Elisabeth’s daughter, Mazie, receiving instruction from Hope Thompson. Photo by RC Photography.

Elisabeth and her daughter traveled 12 hours from Colorado, and she says, “The reason we came is because this caliber of trainers and their accomplishments is something we couldn’t miss out on. World Champions, 14 time NFR qualifiers, you know they have something to give that we need.”

On what she wanted to take away from the clinic, Elisabeth says, “I wanted to get some horsemanship skills, that was the biggest thing I wanted, especially from Lari Dee. I also wanted to get some pointers on roping since it’s been a minute since I did it. I knew I needed help on my skills as well as what my loop looks like, how I’m handling my rope, but mostly horsemanship.”

Donene Taylor, Hope Thompson, Cash Myers, Lari Dee Guy. Photo by RC Photography.

The world-class instruction, outstanding facilities, and character-building messages with a goal of developing champions in and out of the arena are what make this school such an elite experience.