rios of mercedes Cowgirl Magazine

rios of mercedes Cowgirl Magazine

Rios of Mercedes is known for their cutting edge custom designs. It’s not hard to see why! From color, design, patterns, cutouts, inlays, and leather choices, it’s hard to get more custom than a pair of Rios!

Wanting something on the punchy side? Look no further!

This electric blue is SO pretty! The tops really pull the stitching of the toe bug out, especially on top of the light gray suede giraffe.

When your boots match your stirrups, you’re definitely winning.

Inlays always look good! Especially when they are metallic leather! The matching side seam and silver toe bug are also a nice touch.

This is fuchsia-colored fish. Need I say more?

They pricked the leather and stitched a prickly cactus into this pair of boots!

Want more awesome boots? Just wait until you see these red boots by Rios of Mercedes!