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Photo by: Dale Brisby……

Most western folks are familiar with Dale Brisby. This cowboy doubles as a rodeo star and comedian. His popular series “How to Be a Cowboy” can be viewed on Netflix. He also has a following on YouTube. If you’ve ever wondered what a rodeo star’s tack room looks like, then here’s your chance to get a tour by the man himself!

Dale Brisby’s Tack Room

His tack room is straight out of an old time western film! It has the normal things like saddles, bridles, lassos, and brushes, but also includes things like steer head hooks, blacksmith tools, chaps, and W2. It’s all about function!

Check it out for yourself…

Hope you laughed and enjoyed this funny tour. Dale Brisby offers light-hearted content for those that want to experience the cowboy lifestyle! You can follow along on his YouTube channel for more hilarious videos.