(Double J Saddlery)

Out with the old, in with the new! A couple of days at Dallas Western Market and we are ready for a complete fashion makeover… a Cowgirl can dream, right?



(Corral Boots, Rustic Rose Flip Flops) 

Boots: Embroidery, studs and stones are ever popular with boot makers, and unique textures are in the mix this time. “Casual Fashion” boots with lower profile heels and dressed down toes are popping up everywhere as well and equestrian influenced boot styles are gaining ground with more fashion forward looks to choose from. Boots are never boring and this market was no disappointment. Boot brands are adding new shoe styles to their line-up, think sandals and heels and they are gorgeous. Flip flop season is upon us and they are cuter than ever this year. 


(Adiktd, Cowgirl Justice)

On the other hand, denim is less ostentatious bling and more clever stitching and sparkles daintily spread throughout. There’s also eye popping prints and textures, traditional pieces with colorful stitching and layering that’s a must for spring and summer.

Accessories:  Handbags, belts and jewelry! Tooling, bead work, color, one-of-a kind fabrics, understated elegance, bold statement pieces, it’s all in.  Mix it up ladies.  Carry a traditional leather tooled purse and wear some OH SO BIG and colorful earrings.  Wear a loud fringed and beaded belt then go basic with your necklace.  Inspired artisans have been busy crafting possibilities for us this season.