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Cowgirls on the go don’t always have time to cook at the end of the day! That’s where the Damn Delicious Meal Prep comes in. Check out what the author has to say! “It’s 6:00 pm, and you have nothing planned for dinner. Again. If you’re like me, this happens more often than you care to admit! “Wanting to regain control of my health and eating habits, I turned to meal prep: the secret weapon that keeps everyone (from celebrities and athletes to busy parents and young professionals) on-track and eating well. “By taking the time to plan your meals, prep ingredients, and do some cooking ahead of time, it’s so easy to have perfectly portioned healthy options at your fingertips for any time of the day. And now you’ll have 115 meal prep recipes to choose from! “You’ll find inspiration for protein-packed breakfasts, energy-boosting snacks, and slimmed-down comfort food favorites—none of which sacrifice flavor. Who wouldn’t be enticed by a 205-calorie Breakfast Croissant Sandwich or an under-500-calorie Mason Jar Lasagna?” -Chungah Rhee Want some awesome dinnerware to go with your amazing food? You need this collection in your life!