Regan Stewart cowgirl magazine
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Regan Stewart has been keeping busy during quarantine in Nashville! Since COWGIRL last caught up with her, she has been gearing up to release her new single “Dancin’ Around It” that is available NOW! The catchy tune deals with having mutual feelings with someone but no one is acting on it, even when there is an obvious spark.

The song actually came from a personal experience Regan had when she first moved to Nashville. She said “When I first moved to town, there was this guy that I had a crush on and we were pretty good friends. He would hang out with me and a couple of my friends often, and one time we were hanging out and I went to the restroom and he told my roommate that he liked me. My roommate knew that I was kind of interested too, but in that moment he didn’t do anything about it. You could feel it in the air but it was like we were dancing around how we felt.”

Regan also expressed how her confidence has grown in her songwriting and sound since her last release. She said “‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ was the start of something new. I had put out a couple songs before, but up to that point I was kind of unsure of who I was as an artist. I ended up meeting the producer I work with now, and we just kinda vibed really well. He saw the same vision I did.” 

Regan is looking forward to going back in the studio in the coming weeks and recording some new songs! We cannot WAIT to hear her future releases (after we listen to this nonstop, of course)! She is hoping COVID starts clearing up soon so she can play live shows and get people spinning around the dance floor. Make sure you connect with Regan, she loves hearing from her fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!

Listen to it here! It is available wherever else you listen!