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Some may say his personality is a little off the wall, but reality it’s just his passion for women’s fashion. Specializing in western couture, Harley Rhodes of Dancing Cactus Designs has built an impressive stage for himself when it comes to the world of western fashion.

Things like Facebook life auctions and trendy stories on Instagram come easy to him. From rodeo wives to the working moms and everyone in between, they are raving about their dream bag designed by Dancing Cactus Designs.

With over 15 different styles to choose from, it’s hard not to find a bag you’ll fall in love with. Each handbag is crafted by “Mr. Cactus” himself, where no bag is made identically

Each bag is handmade in Woodward, Oklahoma. Yes, they do take custom orders, but hurry, as they are limited slots available. Follow @dancingcactusdesigns on Facebook and Instagram, you won’t regret it. It’ll make you say, “I don’t need another handbag, but would you look at that!”

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