Horses are flight animals, but when they feel threatened or stressed they can lash out. When you enter a danger zone, you put yourself in a place where you can get bit or kicked. Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid a certain area. In this case, be smart and always let your horse know where you are.

What are danger zones?

When you are handling your horse on the ground, you take the risk of getting kicked or bit when you enter their ‘danger zones’. It’s basically where and how you position yourself when interacting with your horse. You can’t always avoid entering one, but you can be safe about it.

Where are they?

The first one is around their head. Never allow your horse to nip at you, as this behavior can lead to biting. When you enter the front half of your horse make sure you’re aware of their mouth and where their head is.

The second danger area is in front of their shoulders. Your horse can strike you with their front legs. Always be extra careful when grooming this space. While picking out their hooves, keep your body and face positioned next to them, rather than in front or behind.

The last zone is by their lower end. It begins at the middle of their belly and goes all the way around their hindquarters. Your horse can kick you in this region if you’re not careful!

Be Safe

Keep one hand on your horse as you walk around them. This way they know where you are even if you get in a blind spot. These spots are directly in front and behind your horse.

Check out this video to learn more about danger zones: