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Top 10 Most Dangerous Equestrian Sports

You'll have to be brave to try your hand at one of these sports!

June 06, 2018

Just being around horses can be dangerous…when you add a saddle things can get even more risky. Certain disciplines require speed, agility, and unique maneuvers. There can be a lot of room for error. Riders end up with broken bones, concussions, and fatal injuries. If you’re a daredevil, these sports might have the adrenaline rush you need!

1. Horse Racing

When you’re a jockey… it’s not if you’ll get hurt, it’s how bad and when.

2. Steeplechase

Racing and jumping, steeplechase is definitely near the top of the list!

3. Cross Country Jumping

If you’re a cross country rider, you have guts.

4. Barrel Racing

Barrel racing requires speed and agility!

5. Pole Bending

Would you try this high intensity sport? PC: Knaupter @ Flickr.

6. Trick Riding

Are you up for the challenge of trick riding?

7. Show Jumping

Pairing speed with high jumps makes for a risky sport.

8. Fox Hunting

There’s a lot more to fox hunting than meets the eye.

9. Polo

With a group of riders charging at fast speeds, you’re bound to have a few accidents.

10. Vaulting

PC: Ken Owen @ Flickr.

Did your sport make the top ten most dangerous list? If so, hang on and be ready for a crazy ride!

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