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Gray horses are notorious for having dapples.……

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Dappled horses easily catch your eye! Their unique coat has a circle pattern that is of a lighter color. The interesting part is how they appear and disappear with no valid explanation. Your horse may have them during certain seasons and be without them during others. One thing for certain is how beautiful they are! Many riders and owners strive for dapples. And while for many horses it’s genetically linked, others can get them through good nutrition, health and grooming. Protein, various trace minerals and vitamin A promote a healthy coat. You’ll also want to consider high-quality forage and regular grooming. Ultimately, your horse’s genes play an important role too. Many gray horses will have dapples at some point in their lives. You can also see them on bays, palominos, buckskins, and other coat colors. Check out these beauties for inspiration! And get busy grooming… Some horses have dark, pronounced dapples, while others are lighter. Does your horse have them? Share a picture! If not, you can work on getting them with How To Get Dapples on Your Horse.