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Photos courtesy of Cowgirl Museum.……

The Dare to Wear exhibit at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates cowgirls of yesteryear and today who keep Western wear traditions alive. Whether it is a rhinestone jacket worn to the grocery store or cowboy boots paired with a cocktail dress or gold lamé worn in the rodeo arena, the bold fashion choices of cowgirls illustrate Dare to Wear. This colorful and exciting exhibition features pieces from the Museum’s Honorees as well as outstanding examples of Western wear on loan from individuals.

It is officially open to the public TODAY! So run, don’t walk, to the museum and see some of the most exquisite items from top designers.

Visitors will be able to see Western wear not only worn by icons, but also created by icons. These timeless pieces have been worn by Honorees, world champions, rodeo queens, singers, movie stars, and more. The artistic work, craftsmanship, and attention to detail of master tailors such as Rodeo Ben, N. Turk, Nudie Cohn, and Manuel were not only popular in their own time, but they continue to inspire modern designers as well.