Horn & Charm Necklace

Channel your inner animal with jewelry made from horns. That’s right! We said it. HORNS. Each piece has a vibe that is western but isn’t overtly cheesy western. You know what we mean. That jewelry that screams, “HEY, I’m country!” Layer these necklaces in with your other glamorous jewels for a touch of western sass. Not every piece is ACTUALLY made out of a set of horns, but it’s all about the inspiration behind the jewelry.There are thousands of beautiful pieces out there that are inspired by the wild, but these are just a few of our favorites!

White Bankok Horn Necklace


Horn Crescent Pendant



Liz Larios White Carnelian Horn and Turquoise


Annie Hammer Tusk Drop Earrings


Narrow Black Horn Bangles


Until There’s a Cure, African Horn Bracelets


Double Horn Necklace


Crescent Double Horn Pendant