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Photo by: Kellie White Rettinger……

Are you ready for a magical experience? There’s nothing more exciting than a sleigh ride through a winter wonderland. Horse lovers, put this adventure on your bucket list!

Kellie White Rettinger from Whispery Pines Percherons is all too familiar with this fairy tale. She is the proud owner of eight Percheron geldings. In the winter, you’ll find her harnessing her team up for a sleigh ride adventure!

Deep in the woods of Burton, Ohio, you’ll stumble upon Ma and Pa’s. This cozy cabin will take you back to the 1820s with its rustic shopping and tasty treats. You can escape the cold with the roaring fireplaces!

However, the best part of all is the horse-drawn sleigh rides! Pick from three different sleighs- a red, black or green one and go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Kellie shares, “Night rides have always been my favorite- gliding through the woods with lanterns lit on the trees. We head out to the big open field and we turn it up a notch! A starry sky with sounds of jingle bells…” How magical, indeed!

It appears many couples seize the opportunity to affirm their love to each other. Kellie has witnessed quite a few engagements and proposals over the years. It must be the romantic atmosphere!

Her beautiful black Percherons are the real star of the show though! There’s nothing quite like real horse power. These magnificent animals are sure to impress you with their strength, beauty, and friendly demeanor.

Don’t let this winter pass you by without going on a sleigh ride!