Photo courtesy of @theturquoiselens on Instagram……

Do you have a date night coming up but no plans for it? We’ve gathered a couple of ideas of how to spend the evening with your favorite cowgirl! These also work flipped around for your cowboy!

Take Her Riding

Because what excuse does a cowgirl really need to ride her horse?

Dancing In The Headlights

Play some George Strait, grab her hand, and use the headlights to see! Or take a card from Beth and Rip’s playbook and take her dancing in a lighted arena!

Tag-Along For Ranch Duties

The work is never done, especially while living the ranch life. Add some fun to the chores by bringing her with you or going with her! Pack some snacks but be prepared to be her designed gate opener!

A Western Movie Night

Popcorn, candy, John Wayne… need I say more?

Drive-In Movies

Drive-in movies became popular when Covid hit. Take full advantage of their recent demand and pack some pillows and blankets in the bed of your truck!


You already have the pillows and blankets packed- take her stargazing! Download an app or bring a book that has all the constellations named… or create your own names!


Why just have one date night when you can plan a whole weekend away? Your horses can even tag along for this one!