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Whether or not you have a cowboy to ride off into the sunset with, you deserve a night out on Valentine’s Day! 

Go To a Play

Let’s talk dinner and a show! Dress up (you can use this as an excuse to buy that new jacket you’ve been eyeing)! Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and watch a good play! It puts a new spin on the traditional dinner and a movie. 

Go To a Museum

Bring out your little kid curiosity, treat yourself to some coffee beforehand and spend your afternoon walking through an interesting museum! 

Take Pictures with your Pony

Who can ask for a better Valentine than your horse!? Celebrate that with some cute pictures to post! 

Pick Yourself Flowers

Why buy yourself flowers when you can pick them yourself!? Spend some me-time with yourself by picking wildflowers and making a bouquet.

Go Riding

Do we really need another excuse to ride? Here’s one anyway! Take yourself riding for Valentine’s Day!

Host a Galentine’s

Call your best gal pals for Valentine’s and use one of these ideas for a girl’s night!

Spend the Night In

There’s nothing wrong with having a chill night in, either! Pop some popcorn, pour some wine, and put on your favorite comfort movie. You’ve earned it!