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While it may seem like equestrians only have eyes for their horse, it is possible for them to have a romantic relationship. Get prepared, because dating a horse girl isn’t like anything you’ve ever experienced! She’s likely wild about horses and anything related to them. So, here’s the list of up!

1) Never question her tack purchases. She may not be crazy about heels or purses, but saddles and bridles are her thing!

2) “Five minutes at the barn” is usually an hour minimally. It’s easier to make plans for much later!

3) One horse is never enough. You’re likely to see her buy two or three. Expect to be a part of a big horse family.

4) Get ready to ride! Cowgirls love when their guys give riding a chance.

5) Don’t judge the mud. It’ll be on her clothes, boots, in her car, house, everywhere…

6) Ready to be a morning person? Equestrians are early risers, especially on horse show days!

7) Gift cards to tack stores are great gift ideas.

8) She’ll probably have little money left over after vet bills and farrier appointments. Inexpensive dates are the way to go!

9) Respect riding as a sport. Don’t dare question if it’s hard!

10) Lastly, under no circumstance should you ever make her pick between you or her horse. You won’t win that battle.

It may seem like a lot, but dating an equestrian makes you one of the luckiest people out there! Cowgirls are full of love, determination, patience, empathy, logic, loyalty, and a whole lot more.