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Photo by: Triple Creek Ranch……

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a Montana rancher? Ride along with a cowboy in this ‘day in the life of’. From saddling up his horse early in the day and moving cattle to changing flat tires, it’s everything you might imagine and more! The scenery is gorgeous, so get ready to enjoy.

A Montana Cowboy

A true Montana rancher, Trinity Vandenacre has created a YouTube channel to share his experiences as a real life cowboy. Shows like Yellowstone have sparked a lot of interest recently in this way of life. He’s here to show the truth… It isn’t always glamorous and the hours are long, but the work is rewarding and necessary.

On this particular day, this cowboy assists with moving cattle up to higher ground. Join in their adventure!

Wow! That’s 10 hours of saddle time. Do you think you could make it as a rancher? It’s definitely not easy work.