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Cowgirl Hotlist

Little Flower Serape Pocho, $198 For the love of all things southwestern and chic, watch out, because Double D Ranchwear’s Spring 2015, “Princess Little Flower,” collection is everything! Imagine the most killer serape fabrics transformed into all your favorite silhouettes. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because it actually happened and we are simply obsessed. This line will easily mix and match with your already amazing wardrobe, but will add that touch of class that Double D is notorious for. From Palazzo pants to flowy vests and accessories, Double D hit all the high points of closet necessities with the, “Princess Little Flower collection. This isn’t the only collection in their 2015 Spring line. Each collection is more amazing than the next, including intricate embroidery and vintage rodeo vibes. View the rest of the Spring 2015 line at ddranchwear.com. Little Flower Serape Maxi Skirt, $136 Princess Little Flower Tee, $143 Little Flower Serape Tank, $98 Little Flower Serape Palazzo Pants, $136 Little Flower Serape Necklace Top, $143 Little Flower Serape Mini Skirt, $110 Star Blanket Vest, $170 Little Flower Cross Top, $159 Princess Little Flower Work Shirt, $218 Little Flower Serape Scarf, $64