The only thing worse than being stuck in the freezing cold is having to break the ice in frigid temps! Not only is it a dreadful chore, but it can also really put a damper on your horse’s health. Ensure they are staying hydrated with our favorite de-icers and heated watering systems.

Omni 5 Automatic Heated Waterer


$1741.78 on Amazon

Trust us, this one is worth the investment! Keep your horse’s water de-iced, clean and fresh. The easiest way to ensure your horse is to drink plenty of water and feel their best.

16 Gallon Heated Bucket Heated Round Bucket


$119.57 on Amazon

You can officially say goodbye to frustrating and tiresome ice-breaking with this bucket! Simply plug this bucket in for instant heat and prevention of icing over.

15N 1500-Watt Sinking Tank Heater with Guard

Allied Precision 

$52.48 on Amazon

No need to change tanks come wintertime with this convenient tank heater! Keep your same tank and add this heater for reliable heat throughout even the coldest conditions.

500Watt Utility De-Icer for Farm


$42.99 on Amazon

As soon as temps approach freezing, this heater kicks in to ensure your animals’ water stays de-iced. Make sure your animals are staying hydrated this winter!

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