Photo by Ceily Rae Highberger.……

Dear Cowgirl,


It’s ok to still believe Zane Grey novel endings.

It’s okay to want to make meals for branding crews and not long for the big city.

It’s okay to wear worn moccasins instead of heels and dance till the barn dirt swirls.


It’s okay to look forward to days spent on the back of a flea-bitten grey, rather than speeding down roads in long black sedans.

It’s ok to wear a dusty felt hat rather than a  perfectly curled and styled mane.


Dear Cowgirl, do not feel the need to be the “big-city” girl.


If the desert and mountains, endless blue sky and sagebrush call to you…answer them.

Be true to your wild self, you don’t have to always have to answer the cities call.