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Dear Cowgirl,


Do you ever doubt that you will be good enough?


Enough of a woman.

Enough of a parent.

Enough of a sibling.

Enough of a good companion.

Enough of a life partner.

Enough of a wife, girlfriend, employee, reader, worrier, worker, dreamer…


Will you ever be ENOUGH to be “that” woman?


You know the one I’m talking about. 


She’s the goal, right? That future you.


You see, I get it. I always had her in my mind. 

The woman I wanted to be. I had imagined her since I was young. Working towards one day reaching a pinnacle where I would become someone totally different. Something better than I was and BAM! Life would be perfect, easy and good. 





I soon realized becoming “that” woman is impossible.


Because I already AM that woman. 


Sometimes I don’t allow her to truly be who and what she is because it’s terrifying, but I always remember at the last minute and return to the path that will let her be HER. And she’s never steered me wrong.


Dear Cowgirl, when you think of that “future woman” you want to be remember that in this exact moment – you are becoming her. You have the ability to BE her now. You are already her. You are that girl. 

And she’s going places.