Photo by Ceily Rae Highberger.……

Dear Cowgirl,

I hear the words ring out with certainty.

“We have kids! We could never like, LEAVE.”

“I’d love to go on an adventure, but you know. School. And, rent. And…uh…well.”


The last one really was said. It took me back to burying my blue truck to the axel in the bed of a lake by the ghost town of Bodie, and digging myself out with a frying pan over the period of three days (but thats a story for another time).

Before I packed up my truck and left I made the same excuses.

“I’m in school!”

“I’m in therapy!”


That was the real reason.

I was scared.

And I have this thing about being scared. If there is something terrifying me, I gotta do it. I gotta make it my favorite thing. I have to conquer it.

So I left before I was ready.

Dear Cowgirl, that is the secret. I swear. You have to do the scary thing BEFORE you’re ready.

Seriously. Stop making excuses. Pack up the kids.

My parents raised my sister and I like gypsies wandering around the globe. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I thank my parents everyday for giving me that. Your kids will love the adventure.

Build a truck camper, buy one, rent an RV, buy a plane ticket, buy two.

Do what you WANT. Pack up the family. Don’t make excuses. Leave.

It’s worth it, I promise.