Photo courtesy of Adrian Brannan.……

Dear Cowgirl,

The power wouldn’t turn on this morning. which meant no coffee.

The truck is dirty and beginning to break down again.


I spilled blueberry smoothie down my white button down, which is what I get for trying to eat healthy while on the go.

My sister is ill, and i’m terrified every minute about losing my best friend.

I have ten million things going WRONG this morning.

But you know what is going right?


I didn’t wake up to someone bombing my home this morning.

I slept in a bed, not under a bridge.

I made myself healthy, safe food that I was able to buy.

I was feeling grumpy as I worried about my vehicle I own.

I was irritated by the stains on my clothing as I grabbed another shirt choice, hanging neatly ironed in my closet.

I stop halfway out the door for the second time that day.

I look at the blessings I’ve been given, and give a silent prayer for the things that have been gifted but cannot be seen.

I am thankful. I am joyful. I am alive.