Dear Cowgirl, 

Do me a favor. 

Right now. 

No, I’m serious, put down the coffee, push pause and do something for me… 

Tell yourself you dig what and who you are. 

Right now. 

I know you feel weird. I don’t care. Do it. You’re worth loving. 

Got it? Cool. Moving on. 

I hope you remember today that the world can be bitter but you don’t have to be. Don’t let the mean people of the world taste like salt in your coffee. 

They are cruel because they are hurting.  

Don’t let people leaving, people loudly yelling, people calling cruel names, people screaming, or people pretending ruin your day. 

You’re way too much for that. 

Got it?   

Awesome. Moving on. 

You’re human. 

I’m human. 

We screw up. 

Don’t worry. 

If you were perfect, you wouldn’t be here.  

Dear cowgirl. 

Wake up, do what you know is right. Love people. Love you. Love life. 

It’s going to be ok. 


You’re not broken, you’re not weak. 

You’re not perfect, but you’re perfect to me. 

You’re perfect, to me.