Dear Cowgirl, 

It’s not about the size you wear—it’s about how you wear your size. 

I have a belly roll. 

You know—one of those triple-threat, show-through-your-tank-top kinda things?  

The one that, when you have high-rise pants on it disappears, but when you’re wearing low-rise anything it just… uh, folds. Ya know?  

When I wear a bikini, sometimes I start to put my arm over my tummy.  

When I wear cut-off shorts, the tops of my thighs kinda… jiggle. 

Guess what? 

I refuse to cover the little tummy with my arm—it means I am a woman. 

I am pretty proud of the slight “jiggle”—I know my legs are strong and can hike for miles. 

We all have “flaws” that society tells us we need to fix. But what if we didn’t fix them and just embraced them? What if we looked in the mirror every morning and loved what we saw instead of wanting to change everything?  

 Dear cowgirl, I promise today to love every “imperfection” I have—will you join me? 

 Adrian “Buckaroogirl” is a 20 something firecracker who is equally at home in the branding pen, ranch bronc or stage, who burst onto the western music scene at just 14 years old.